At Narconon of Northern California, clients are rehabilitated from the ground up. When our graduates return home, their families can hardly believe they’re the same person that was a mere shell just a few months earlier.

While enrolled in our program, clients are completely detoxified from drugs and toxins in order to restore physical health and negate physical cravings. Next, the individual is be rehabilitated mentally, socially and spiritually. Addressing and treating each aspect of what it is to be a human gives our clients the best chance available anywhere at having a drug free life.

The Narconon drug rehab program offers a very humanitarian approach. The program is one flat fee, regardless of how long it takes a client to complete the program. Everyone learns and progresses at a different pace; which is why we have designed our program so that everyone who enrolls achieves the goals of treatment. Compare this to your typical program, where you are alloted 30 days for treatment, regardless of your condition. If after the 30 days you still want treatment, you need to pay the entire fee again! How can someone truly spend the time necessary to resolve their issues when they are watching the clock? It isn’t an effective, long term solution.

Lifelong recovery truly is a reality. Your loved one can experience a life that they never knew existed, one without drugs or alcohol dominating every aspect of life. Contact one of our Intake Counselors today for more information.

Introducing the Narconon of Northern California Drug Rehab Permanent Solution to Addiction

Narconon of Northern California rehab treats the following:

  • Drug Addiction such as heroin, meth, crack.
  • Prescription Drug Addiction such as Oxycontin, Xanax, Vicodin
  • Alcohol Addiction such as beer, wine and liquor.
  • Drug Addiction for multiple substances.

What separates Narconon from other Drug Rehab Treatment Centers:

  • All Natural Program – Vitamins, nutrition and exercise.
  • Drug-Free Treatment – Don’t replace drugs with medication.
  • Sauna Detoxification to flush toxins from the body.
  • Not a 12-step approach or just a 30 day quick fix.
  • All inclusive price for entire program.

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Narconon has been offering drug rehabilitation worldwide for over 40 years.

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Narconon of Northern California Drug Rehab Program

The Narconon of Northern California drug rehab program offers a truly unique and proven method of effective treatment therapy and physical rejuvenation. Using a proven, yet unconventional recover program that combines much-needed vitamins, exercise, and time spent in our sauna, residents at a Narconon Facility receive treatment that has been proven to break and cure even the toughest substance abuse habits. Narconon of Northern California students learn how to take control of their lives, make amends for offenses they may have committed in the past, due to their addiction. Then they are given the life skills to be able to confront their problems in the future without returning to drugs as an escape. This is in direct contrast to many conventional drug treatment programs, which tell addicts that they are powerless over their addiction. The Narconon program proves that this isn’t true. Highlights of the Narconon drug rehab program include:

  • The Narconon full-body sauna detoxification program. This innovative method rids the body of drug toxins and other impurities embedded in body tissues. By sweating them out they can’t be reintroduced into the blood stream.
  • A results-based approach. Students at Narconon of Northern California rehab are not limited to 28 days or even 90 days to overcome their problems. Instead, the program is completed when the individual has finished the program at his own pace – at no additional price.
  • A staff/client ratio of nearly 1:1. This ensures that students always have access to staff members 24 hours a day.  Treatment is administered in a casual, non-clinical environment.
  • The Narconon of Northern California Graduate Assurance Program that monitors every client after they leave. Follow up  ensures the best chance of success.

Narconon has been offering drug rehabilitation and drug education services worldwide for over 40 years.