It’s a common misconception that pregnant women shouldn’t even attempt to control the amount of food they consume. This often leads to women putting on a lot of extra weight while pregnant, and that “baby weight” can sometimes take years to drop again. The fact is that in pregnancy more than ever, women should keep an eye on their daily food consumption, both to make sure that the calorie intake doesn’t go out of control and to ensure that they are eating all essential nutrients that both them and their baby needs. While it’s true that women need more calories per day while pregnant, because not only are they essentially eating for two, but the body also needs additional energy to accommodate the growth of the baby and the extra strain that’s put on the mother’s body. So pregnant women can really use this period to eat a lot of the foods they normally avoid for fear of putting in extra pounds, but this doesn’t mean a free pass to munch on junk food as much as they want. In fact, pregnancy is the best moment to start incorporating healthy eating habits.

How to eat both happy and healthy while pregnant

  1. If you are debating between cooking at home and ordering take out, always go with the former. When you prepare your meals at home you get the opportunity to really monitor your sodium and fat intake. Also, you can use only quality and fresh ingredients, and this is often not the case with take-out food. Eating a lot of junk foods like pizza, chips and take-out Chinese will put a lot of extra artificial preservatives, salt and unnecessary fat into your system, and you really want to avoid that, especially while pregnant. So next time you get the munchies, think about what exactly are you feeding yourself and essentially your unborn child with, and eat some fresh fruit or veggies instead of those potato chips.
  2. The truth is that real, whole foods should be the only foods that pregnant women should ever eat if they want to make sure that they and their babies will be as healthy and as strong as possible. There’s really no need to go with a special, “pregnant diet” that are being sold on-line just make sure that your diet is based on lean meats, whole grains, low fat diary and lots and lots of green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruit and you will be a healthy and happy mother and child.
  3. You should make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet. While pregnant, your body will use a lot of nutrients to help the baby grow, and this means that you will need around 75 grams of lean protein every day to avoid the risk of your body starting to break down your muscle mass in order to get enough nutrients for the baby. Keep this in mind sufficient protein intake during pregnancy is mandatory.

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