There’s no question: the problem of obesity in the developed world has officially reached epic proportions, and one of the main reasons for this sad state of affairs is the chronic lack of physical activity. Some physical exercise is the necessary prerequisite for keeping a slim figure and overall good health, and everyone who wants to lose some weight is encouraged to start an exercise program. However, even though this should really be common knowledge, it’s still very hard to make most people to get off their behinds and start working out.

The problem starts at a very young age. A lot of studies have confirmed that children of school age are also chronically unfit. The situation is even worse for adults. Some forty years ago, most people in the world were full time farmers, and the average farmer’s work day consisted of physical activity that is the equivalent of an twenty kilometers worth of jogging. Fast forward to the present day and age, and the average person spends most of his or hers day behind a desk, sitting on a chair, and the longest walk they ever take consists of a trip to the cafeteria down the hall. This really means that we need to compensate for the lack of naturally occurring physical activity by actively participating in some sort of exercise program.

Of course, the lack of physical activity is really just the half of the reason for the overweight epidemic. The other part of it is the tendency to consume way too many calories from very calorie dense and unhealthy foods, that are unfortunately available everywhere and are starting to replace real, healthy meals for an alarming number of people. Combine poor food choices with the chronic lack of time to prepare good meals and exercise, add a dose of sedentary lifestyle, and it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to stay fit and healthy, and at the same time so easy to put on extra pounds and put your health in danger.

But knowing the causes of problem also means that we can start working to solve that very problem. The fact is that by starting to make some life style changes, preferably adopting both a healthy eating plan and a regular exercise program, you can start working on restoring your figure and health. In addition to a good food and workout plan, there are several other factors that can contribute to weight loss, and the main one is rest. Sleep is very important for normal functioning of your body, and it’s even more critical if you want to stay fit or lose some pounds. When you sleep, your body goes to work, burning fat and recomposing itself, and it’s also when all the muscle growth you have triggered by exercising takes place. Make sure you get the eight hour per night, every night. Being adequately rested will also make it easier to maintain the willpower dieting requires, and if you are tired, you can’t really except to burn off those extra pounds in the gym.

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